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In Quarantine Think Positive

Most of you should be now in quarantine in your homes safe warm and feeling generally well I know some of you may have your concern ie work family being bored and health but i can give a little advice on this and if you have been keeping up with the news you should know these facts and please think about the people that still are working ie NHS Police Force and Construction Workers

1. Work you will be able to claim 80% of your income not bad for sitting at home safe and warm

2. Family important and its not just the older ones as someone in there 20s as pass away all i can say on this one is be there for them leave shopping at there door call them face time them even send them a funny vid plenty out there make them smile let them know you are thinking about them

3. Boring this one is simple join me for your online training you wont be bored as I will have plenty of kinky task for you to completed this can be dont via Adult work or Skype

4. Health this is very important body mind and soul eat healthy exercise and learn to breath and relax and if you are started to feel isolated then pick up the phone and call someone its good to talk .

5. If you are well just knock on your neighbors door or leave a note with your number and ask if he or she may need anything ie shopping or meds am sure you will be appreciated and you will feel good doing good

So take care everyone be safe keep washing your hands wear gloves when you are out and dont forget if you are fed up well i am sure you know what to do Xx

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