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Mistress is Ready For a Few Days Off

Hi there all my supporters fans subs slaves and of course my Sissy Girls just a quick update to let you know Mistress will be unavailable from Friday 7th till Tuesday 11th July

I am really looking forward to a few days off and my phone will be off I will answer any emails when I get back .

When I do come back I will also be setting up my tours around the UK if you would like Mistress to travel to your city then drop a message I am sure we will chat when I am back when I am feeling refresh and ready to see if you have been behaving yourselves while I am away.

In the meantime you can enjoy my gallery on @Adultwork plenty of content to enjoy while I am away and then you also have my @Manyvids or my @iwantclips store Links are on my website which as been updated so Please read again and refresh yourself with my rules and requirements

Don't forget if you want to send Mistress a gift while I am away on my holiday you can do that just here

All gifts will be appreciated

So I do hope you all have a fab weekend and we will catch up when I am back that's if you are in position and of course understand my rules Xx ;-)

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