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Was ask how did I get into kink

Here is my replied

I think I was born Kinky Lol I have always been dominant always had submissive partners I done modelling glamour and fetish when I was about 16 yes young I know but i could get away with it being very tall slim and mature for my age then work in a escort agency for about a year but only on the desk taking calls helping the ladies etc then I stupidly fell in Love Lol and became a nurse for 15 years but still was going to kinky parties etc with partner then relationship over as things do then just carried on nursing watching porn etc but was bored so I gave up nursing which I loved and deciding if i do not do something soon I was going to need a Nurse Lol so deciding that my needs are greater than anyone else and put me 1st and set up my own independent business and I love it I don't answer to no one and really enjoy what I do which is very important there you go part of my life story hope you enjoyed how I got into Kink ;-)

Long Legs Shiny Thigh High Heels Thong
Taking at photoshoot last week #charleswick

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