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Sat 30th Nov Fun Fetish Day

Well hi there all you subs slaves and sissy whores I hope you all have been behaving yourself I bet you have not and in fact I bet you have been touching your little dinky and having all those kinky thoughts in your head while playing and touching and without mistress permission too such a disappointment looks like punishment would be required I will soon have you over my knee and leave you with that red bottom while locking up your dinky in chastity where it belongs Lol

I bet you are starting to stoke now while reading my updated blog getting more turn on and dribbling from your little dinky while reading this tut tut tut

Well Mistress can definity put a stop to this has much training is obviously needed for you and that little dinky this can be done many ways

I am sure you would like to know more and the perfect chance for you to do this would be this Sat 30th November where you could serve and start your training at a professional fully equipped playspace in Peterborough

Only worthy subs slaves and sissy whores that serve Mistress well can have that pleasure so if you are ready to serve this goddess and show mistress how good you are on your knees of course or ready to start your training to becoming the perfect slut slave or sissy whore and impressed Mistress and make me smile then you could have this opportunity on this Fun Fetish Day

Please also check my Twitter @KinkyBootsAnna for more info and feel free to contact Mistress if you are ready to confirm a session for this day I don't mind answering any questions you may have as communication is a must but if the answer is on my site or on my twitter then I will not be impress as I don't like to repeat myself

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