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New Fans Page

Mistress is thinking about creating a new Fans Page on my own Personal Website and I would love to know your thoughts and any concern you may have ie payment showing on your bank statement or any other concern you may have .

I want my Page to have plenty of interaction with you via content and chat whether its via phone chat sexting or video chat

I want to know what you would like to see what you enjoy as there is no point Mistress creating content that you are not really in to this is why commiucation is a must .

I am also thinking about creating a shop within my new fans page where you would be able to purchase personal items and much more what do you think to this?

I am also thinking my fan site will run a little different to any other fans site as I will not be posting daily content and I bet you are thinking what's the point of me subscribing then well I tell you why I hope you are in position for Mistress ;-)

When you subscribe/submit to my page for the month you will received a msg from Mistress welcoming you to my fans page I will then ask you what is the things you enjoy to see once I know this you will then received a 1 month selection of videos and images of the things you would like to see ,if you want more ie customs phone chat or video chat this will be extra but would be discounted for the month you subscribe

Any other suggestions you may have then you have permission to let Mistress know ;-)

Please be aware my content will be watermark and no permission is allowed to copyright my content if this unfortunately does happen legal action will be taken

Please be aware my content is for paying subscribes only .

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