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Easter weekend footie & boots

What a fantastic weekend Mistress did enjoy the break but never without my boots as some off you may know.

So what did Mistress get up too well Friday was crazy in Oxford Circus has soon I exit train station streets was full of protesters about global warming was not prepared for that one so went straight back on train back to Stafford and ended up resting my hot feet with a couple of cocktails then Sat had to go and see West ham play especially as my apartment was basically opposite and then Mistress hit the shops as that was the other side of my apartment Perfect not to far to walk in my boots then and no protesters .

Sunday a day for me pamper time then lovely meal and case all pack to come back to Peterborough for Monday and to see how my loyal subs have been behaving themselves while Mistress has been away.

Also to check emails etc to see bookings for solo or doubles for Saturday 27th where you could serve Mistress and her boots in the flesh .

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